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In addition, all time entered and approved reflects actual work and/or leave time, and is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.I also agree to comply with the policies of the University of Kansas, including those regarding acceptable use of electronic information resources and information technology security.The claim process will verify your account with personally identifying information and set up your authentication questions.Users must ascertain that the Reference Standards they are using are a "Current lot" or a "Previous lot" within the valid use date.Extended Validation certificates are only granted after extensive verification of the requesting organization's identity by the certificate authority.

Whenever you are referred to edu for authentication, your browser should be communicating over SSL, which encrypts the data being transmitted.Collection and processing of personal data, as defined by the GDPR, will be conducted in accordance with the Privacy Policy, which explains to you how we collect, use, process, and store your personal data and provides our legal basis for collecting and using that information.Rights that you may have under the GDPR are described in the Privacy Policy.The label includes safety warnings, required information for controlled substances, and calculation values for standards with quantitative applications. Where necessary, USP Reference Standards are shipped with additional technical data sheets.Ensure that USP Reference Standards are stored in their original stoppered containers away from heat and humidity and protected from light. View USP’s policy statement on Shipping and Storage Conditions of USP Reference Standards.

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