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You may update your metadata records as often as needed at no additional fee. If you find yourself in a bind, review this topic in our technical documentation then contact us with the details of your problem.

Before you update: Some pieces of metadata may be added or updated independently using a resource-only deposit.

It certainly delighted the SSIS developer I was speaking with last week!

Example: I have a picture with the tag BIG BLUE MOON.

If you are providing a tab-separate list, we can usually process your request within 24 hours.

If you need your URLs updated on a specific day or have a large number of URLs to update (over 100,000) please to coordinate the update schedule with Support to avoid delays.

For that we’ll need a custom navigation guard for the router in That ought to do the trick.If you need to change an article, paper, or chapter title, you must update your metadata with the changes.No, you can always update your metadata to make corrections or to provide missing data.Let's say a column is deleted in the underlying table or view that feeds an SSIS package.Or, maybe you're starting with a 'template' SSIS package that has metadata for a different table than the one you are building..you adjust the source query, you see red X's on the precedence constraints (pipeline paths) in the data flow: Prior to SQL Server 2012, updating metadata changes of this nature was a very tedious process. First, you right-click on the precedence constraint and choose Resolve References: And voila, the references no longer exist for the transformations down below in the data flow.

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