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A person’s insecurities can interfere with their relationships in many major ways.Not only will an insecure person question whether they’re worthy of being in a relationship and create problems that don’t exist, but often times they will also seek validation in other places—namely, by cheating with other people.However, someone who’s on the verge of cheating (intentionally or otherwise) will stop checking in with their spouse or significant other, if only to try to forget that they have a spouse in the first place.

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Less honorable spouses, however, could be checking in because they want to know how much time they have to sneak around or, if they aren’t cheating yet, just explore the idea of being with someone else through dating apps or online chat rooms.But if they’re suddenly showing up in the bedroom with moves you’ve never seen before, you may want to question what—or who—is giving them these ideas.“Yes, [your partner] could be learning a thing or two from the porn they watch, or maybe they’ve been doing some research in a lifestyle magazine—but if you aren’t sure where these new moves are coming from, your partner could be learning them from someone else,” says Ricciardi.“When cheating is on the horizon, I often hear partners…list a certain kind of person, a location, time of day, or they may even name someone in their life,” says Racine Henry, Ph.

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