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Information on individuals is released for public scrutiny 100 years after the original publication.

This means the details from the censuses of 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 18 are now available.

Census returns provide family groupings with details of age, occupation and marital status.

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Make out a list of questions before you start and don't forget to take notes. Is there something in them which we can recognise in ourselves?But for most of us it's more straightforward, a question of wanting to satisfy our curiousity about the stories passed on through the family about our Norfolk and Suffolk ancestry - did great cousin Fred's mother come from Ireland?Step six: Wills can provide information on addresses and other relations and will also pad out the bare bones of the names you have discovered so far.These can be found in public record archives but nowadays some are also available on the internet. Once you take these first six steps on the journey into the past the rest will follow.

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