Groupwise inbox not updating

Moving from Group Wise to Office 365 is not an easy task, and especially difficult is Group Wise archive to Office 365 migration.

There are a lot of steps involved and it comes with its share of risks.

Normal Data Sync: When a user places an email in a "- Create New [module]" folder, Riva processes that email as follows: First Time Sync: During the first sync, Riva adds an \Assign To\ folder under the parent module folder for each module enabled in the Other tab of the sync policy.

Repeat steps (a) to (d) to un-archive all the emails in each folder or sub-folders inside the archive.Hello everyone, So we have like 10 shared mailbox's and none of them are syncing itself.If I move some mails from inbox to another folder in the shared mailbox, I'd have to go to it and click the "update folder" button.When bidirectional syncing is enabled, Riva syncs contacts, accounts and leads as follows: First Time Sync: Once a user has been added to a sync policy and Riva runs a first time sync against that user, Riva syncs calendar items from the CRM and creates those as calendar items in a child calendar in Group Wise that matches the category name specified in the sync policy.Normal Data Sync: Riva supports bidirectional and unidirectional data syncing between the CRM and Group Wise.

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