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I've recently had the fun of 2 guys on here wanting one and I told both of them if I do it there will be something in it for me as well, guess what?

Both of them bailed real quick with no explanation!

i dont know...finding a "casual blow job" isn't something you would or should find "on here"that is what you want, then go and buy a hooker.get some respect for may find a girlfriend who will agree to give you one.otherwise, stick to using either of your hands..pretend.

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but I'm the kind of person that is going to test drive everything even before I start "dating"... Ummm..they really enjoyed doing it just as much as men enjoying receiving it..wouldn't they be out doing it right now, rather than posting or reading the forums? id like to at least know what im in for before its shoved in my mouth...... What do you want, to hear women say they like giving blowjobs? One guy was so hot and had the best **** I had ever seen, I couldn't help but not put it in all kinds of places!! But you suck a guy's c-ck to tell him you DON'T want a relationship!!!

I believe (even though I have absolutely no scientific or anecdotal evidence) it is an inverse relationship between the number of guys seeking a blowjob and the number of women that are available to enjoy giving them unconditionally. OMG i love giving bj's i love to hear him moaning, watch him squirm, his scent, his taste but i love it more when i hear him scream when i smack that hard (payment in advance required haha). This is a subject I only discuss with close friends. This casual comment is one of the more incendiary I have seen in all of Forumdom!

Singld Out now lives on as the first site to bring predictions of "chemical attraction" to online dating.

It's the ultimate in power to be able to make a man weak with your actions.

But, as the quoted cutie says, maybe"That's just me."I know that it happens all the time because I've been a recipient of many of them.

I started a post last week to find out if it ever went the other way around where a man went down on a woman casually.

Turns out, she was really trying to get my attention, not dissipate it. Unlike Jack Nicholson telling Helen Hunt she made him want to be a better man, my lady was aiming too low.

Just a wink gets my attention, a smile makes me linger, and while a bj may start casually enough, there's nothing casual about what becomes of it.

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