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The endometrium usually atrophies, but variable hyperplasia and, rarely, adenocarcinoma can occur due to the weak estrogen agonist effect.

Chronic endometritis is sometimes demonstrated in endometrial biopsies for infertility or recurrent pregnancy loss.

Postovulatory phase (secretory phase) endometrial dating has become the standard and is usually reported within a 2-day range, although the accuracy of this dating methodology is the subject of some debate.refers to the determination of how closely the histologic characteristics of the endometrium match what is expected on the corresponding day of the menstrual cycle.In the past, this approach was one of the standard tests in an investigation of causes of infertility and pregnancy loss.Some pathologists refer to ovulation as “day 0” and report the postovulation day as the number of days after ovulation.Most clinicians perform endometrial biopsy in the midluteal phase at about the time implantation is thought to occur.

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