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Please beware of various tactics of scrupolous builders like SJR etc .. You can save yourselves and your friends from cheating .. From April -2004 to Nov 2004 - around hundred customers have booked their dream flats with SJR for their project SJR Spencer.They were lured by bargain prices, big hoardings of SJR and uncanny lies from SJR marketing team .At this price people could have booked flats with any A grade builder at that time . ( There is clause in the agreement which allows them to do this and while signing agreement - we were told that exact measurements can vary /- 2-3 % (during construction) so this clause should be there - Now they are cheating customer by invoking this clause and raising the SBUA by 10-20 % ) . 2) Reduction in carpet area - They have promised customers 82-84 % carpet area .Only God can save customers as they can increases the SBUA by 25%. Some of the customer(after actual measurement ) found that there is huge reduction in the carpet area ( around 6- 10 %) .But now builder is saying no visitor car park for SJR Spencer .They are selling these car park to people who needs double car park which is fetching them Six Lakhs Rs in Total .Whatever happens in this life, it is priceless to know that God is our dearest friend.I am so thankful to realize that if all that we know and love is taken away- God is still there.

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( Inspite of various customers asking them to include the carpet area in the agreement they did not bulge as they wanted to cheat the customers from the very beginning)3) Visitor Cark Park - Customers were promised 4 visitors car park in the building .They increased it to around 1500-1550 sqft while signing contract (saying calculation mistakes etc etc ) .Now just 3 months before possession they are increasing the SBUA by another 10-20 % ( to 1600 -1700 sq ft).I simply provide the DATA, you DECIDE for yourselves what you want to do about it!fatuous1"Good GUN CONTROL simply requires a STEADY HAND!

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