Dating a student in college

’ And I would say, ‘I can’t ignore it—I’ll get in trouble.’ If I was hanging around with anyone else, he’d get mad and yell at me on the phone.” Her friends knew only that something had changed.“I was seeing Sarah less and less,” recalls Jeremy Carlson, 18.Initially flattered, Sarah gradually grew uneasy with Joe’s possessiveness.“He never really straight out said he didn’t like my friends, but he made it clear I didn’t need anyone else.That night, Joe called to apologize; Sarah told him it was over.

Getting to her feet, she made her way to a bathroom, locked herself in and called a male crew team member.

“He lifted his leg up and kicked me in the stomach.

I flew across the room, hit my head on the wall and was knocked unconscious.” No one called an ambulance. Her legs were moving up and down and her chest was shaking.

They were at a party, and Joe (not his real name), the cute football player she’d been dating, had kicked her, hard, propelling her into a wall, where she had hit her head and blacked out.

“I woke up and he was hovering over me,” Sarah, now 18, recalls.

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