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Most Aussies are pretty honest and friendly people, but like in every country there's always a few baddies amongst the goodies.Below are a couple of the baddies that caught our attention, either as crimes committed in Australia or crimes committed by Australians overseas.For lay teachers in church schools, see some examples in Section F, at the bottom of this page.

When finding out you have HIV/AIDS, you will feel like you are alone in the world.Europe, Germany, UK, United Kingdom, England, Ireland, Scotland, London, Dublin.Attacks against mobile devices are growing more widespread and more sophisticated, requiring companies to adopt new tools, strategies, and best practices to safeguard their data assets. For example, Broken Rites has shown how the church shielded the criminal priest Father Gerald Ridsdale for 32 years without reporting his crimes to the police.Finally, in 1993, some Father Ridsdale victims contacted the police.

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