Boundaries in christian dating relationships

Become an integral part of Charisma’s work by joining Charisma Media Partners. Unless you have really good reasons to motivate you, maintaining physical boundaries in your courtship will crumble like the walls of Jericho when you really like someone and have become emotionally close to them.Take this as a challenge to strive for God’s plan for your relationship.The best example of a Godly relationship the Bible gives us is Christ’s relationship with the church: presenting each other as holy and blameless, sacrificial and wholly focused on glorifying God.While dating, keep your redlines strong and don't wander near them.

’ is a question you regularly ponder, I would challenge you to examine your motives.In choosing to pursue purity together and by encouraging each other to live a holy life, the spiritual aspect of your relationship will grow deeper which in turn will strengthen your emotional relationship.For more advice on boundaries, read how to set up relationship boundaries whilst Christian dating.One of the best parts of being married is throwing "dating redlines" out the window.What was once "forbidden" is permissible and the rings on your fingers serve as visible redlines to the world that you are off-limits.

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